Deep cellular and mind detoxification. Cleanse and nurturing your body, mind & soul.

Happi Wellness Retreat Program.

This is a very simple, effective, and innovative Retreat Program in detoxification, immune system boost, and body, mind, and soul rejuvenation. Only healthy, living, natural vegetables and food are served during the Holistic Wellness & Detox Retreat. Other activities include a seminar on nurturing your life or, meditation, connecting with yourself, and one-on-one counselling. During this retreat, you will be guided through very effective detoxification and rejuvenation processes. You will leave the retreat feeling more beautiful, joyful, lighter, healthier, and optimistic. Following the retreat, you will begin to live a healthy and wonderful life of your choosing. When you continue to nurture your life or health, your body will recover from most major illnesses.

what is included in the programme

1. You will undergo cellular and mental detoxification. 2.You become acquainted with and connected to your body and mind. 3. You learn the fundamental cause of major ailments and how to heal naturally. 4. You learn and practice ways to nurture your body and mind that may be applied in your daily life. This includes food, emotions, sleeping, playing, and connect to nature. 5. You get to stay in the Happi Village and experience a wonderfully healing environment. 6. You will be given one-on-one consultation.

Note : Suggested for those above the age of 25.


Surcharge (Optional)

  • scheduling in advance for therapeutic masseur 

           Full body – RM280 / per treatment (1.5hrs to 2hrs +/-) 

          *Massage in your own room

  • scheduling in advance for Malaysia traditional masseur 

           Full body – RM220 / per treatment (2hrs) 

          *Massage in your own room

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Minimum 2 Person RM3600/person - Twin sharing room RM4800 / Based on Personal Room Every planned meal is included.


Minimum 2 Person RM2400/person - Twin sharing room RM3200 / Based on Personal Room Every planned meal is included.


Minimum 2 Person RM1200/person - Twin sharing room RM1600 / Based on Personal Room Every planned meal is included.